Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Canaries UK Association "Doing so much for Canries Village".

The Canaries UK group is the HARDEST working development group I have met and that is a tremendous compliment.

They have been helping Canaries for over a decade now, I shot some videos of them working and interviewed some of the members with the goal of showing Canaries the great labor and passion they have for their village while living in England. This all took place at the fund raiser dance for Canaries called, "St. Lucia vs Dominica DJ Sound Off".

Simon, Norma Jude(Ass. Sec), Bernie St. Omer (Trustee) and Olicia Jn Charles ( PRO) thats from L-R..

Greenage's Message to Canaries

Uril's Message to Canaries

The event was held at a school with members collecting door fees in the front and other working in the back serving food and drinks. It was an amazing event put together with professionalism and planning that is to be admired.

Working hard behind the counter.

A packed dance hall.

Lia working hard pouring those drinks

A video of the Canaries UK Group in action working hard behind the counter.

Simon on organizing the event.

Mike asking me if I need a tasty beverage.
The Canaries UK Association set up demonstration table to show Canabelle Soap.

One of the great Patriarchs of the Canaries UK Association, Contance Mathurin (Simon's brother-in-law).

Simon's Message on the UK Group Working Hard.

Marcy and Mike showing their Saint Lucia pride.

I get the flag and Marcy as my soon to be wife, who could ask for more :)

The two Patriarchs. (Contance Mathurin with Leo Albert)

Simon's Message from the Association to Canaries

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