Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Online and connected to the world now!

Hey everyone,

You can now chat with me and email. I am looking into skype to do long distance calls.

I am going to do some updates on life in the Caribbean through the week, right now I am busy emailing everyone that I have been out of contact with. Cheers!

The best email is through gmail. You can email me at lee.klejnot@gmail.com. It also has a nice chat feature.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Cell Number

Hello I have two cell phones now. We have been issued a special one for all the volunteers that has a great rate plan for other vol to call each other. I will be carry that one with me from now on. The number is 758-285-5103.


Bonjou Tout Moun,

I am still without steady internet. I realize that many of my blog entries are about where I am living. Once the internet comes for my home I will be able to spend some real time writing about the work I am doing. What its like in the day of a Peace Corps volunteer doing development work. Until then.