Monday, June 02, 2008

Canaries Kids Art Camp

I let this post slip by, it was one of the more enjoyable events that I helped facilitate. I had the pleasure of having Nick Klinger aka (Big Dog) and Megan Hawks aka(KANSAS) and her friend help us.

A group shot with everyone. (click on any pictures to enlarge them)

Basically the National Insurance Corporation of Saint Lucia has a community development branch called the National Community Development Foundation that provides some funding for supplies and 4-5 staff to help put on a training camp for the youth of selected villages through the summer one week at time. The goal is to provide training in the arts and foster the development of analytical skills through the game of chess.

It was a wonderful, stressful, fun, stretching experience. (did I mention I am terrified of little kids)

The Kids with Nick's paper airplane competition.

A shot with me and Big Dog with all the children.

Nick doing paper mache with the kids.

A video of me embarrassing myself trying to teach the kids a camp song called, "Little Bunny in the Woods".

Big Rabbit Hopping, yeah I am terrible with camp songs. Favorite line "Pet your big rabbit!".

Nick doing the Sponge Bob Square Pants Song, see those natural, great parenting skills Emily, good stock. Marcy, sorry baby you have a lot of work ahead of you:)

Elmers Glue in the eye, now before anyone says this is cruel:) I was just recording to show them making paper mache and a gust of wind came along.

The Children learning to play chess.

Video of Nick doing a paper airplane competition.

Hawks helping them paint the school wall.

Popsicle stick picture frames, using beans, glitter, crayons, you name it.

Video of the Girls painting and placing beans on their Popsicle sticks.

The boys learning to share.

Who is that little girl on my head :)

A well deserved nap after a week of children, and I told Marcy I want to have 3 kids some day, I must be crazy! :)

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