Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rabbit Project Success!

I am proud to show two villagers who I have helped start their own rabbit farms. Genie who is Marcies cousin, is a single mother living in Anse La Verdue raising her son Leo, she works in house keeping at the local resort.

Here she is proudly displaying her rabbit hutches, she has a third small hutch on the backside that you cannot see. I have been working with her donating my rabbits and giving her advice as she raised her rabbits, we have had our ups and downs. We struggled with ear infections, and sterile rabbits to her now successfully raising her own healthy rabbits.

(a proud mother)

Next we have Ison who has completed his hutch and is raising rabbits. He is doing well and he will pass this on to the other people in Anse La Verdue. His location is very difficult as you can see the path I took below to reach his house which is through a steep valley.

Here is his family's new rabbit hutch just below his house where it has plenty of shade to keep the rabbits cool.

Here is short video showing the completed hutch.

Completed Hutch

Final Interview with Ison

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