Sunday, June 22, 2008

Peace Corps Online Resource Drive through Skydrive.

After a lot of discussion with Landon, Nick, Aaron and myself about the lack of ability to share our work with other PCV's I have taken the initiative to set up a Skydrive account through Microsoft. Ps Thank you Microsoft!

The purpose is so that we can maintain some sort of institutional memory for all Peace Corps Volunteers that work in Saint Lucia. This will allow us to share valuable materials and experiences to help volunteers so they do not have to reinvent the wheel with some of their work. Each volunteer will be able to create a folder to store documents they would like to share with other PCV's. For example:

School lesson plans
Brochures made for community events, street parties and special events
Summaries of your work experience. (Description of Service Statements)
Contact Lists
Funding Agencies

The Skydrive account is island specific because we have to limit the amount of people who have access and we only have 5GB of storage. Were going to test it for a while to see if it proves to be the incredible tool we think it will be.

I am hopeful that this idea can spread throughout Peace Corps so their is more continuity between volunteers. Skydrive will allow knowledge and experience to be shared to make us all more productive and efficient. It makes perfect sense especially when you consider how much Peace Corps stresses knowledge and skills transfer to the people we work with. It is the logical next step to make it possible for that to happen volunteer to volunteer.

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