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Dennery is a fishing village nestled in a valley on the East Coast of St. Lucia. There is no more beautiful sight on the island than looking out over Dennery from the overlook on the highway just south of the village. The village looks beautiful and peaceful, but every Saturday night it comes to life down at the beach.

The Fish Fiesta starts around 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon and doesn’t close up until 2 o’clock in the morning. A dozen or so tents line the beach as the DJ blast tunes that are sometimes audible all the way up at the highway. Vehicle access is limited, so if you have your own vehicle, you may have to park and walk a few blocks. Minibuses become more scarce as the hour hand moves around, so if you catch a bus to the fiesta, you should have a place to stay or a cab ride lined up to get you home. If you do happen to get a ride to Dennery on a minibus, it will most likely stay on the highway instead of driving through the village. You’ll need to tell the driver you are stopping at Victoria Street, just across the street from the bus stop. Walk all the way down Victoria. When you get close to the beach, you will see and hear everyone.

The food is delicious and the drinks are strong. Prices are reasonable, although they will vary. Sometimes the prices will go up if the fishing has not been good, and some fish are sold by the pound.

The music is very loud, so it is recommended for those people who enjoy a club/dancehall type atmosphere. Stay near the tents – along the water and over by the boats are places where people go to smoke and sometimes, possibly, do harder drugs. Expect to be asked for money by one or more of the local vagrants.

Cell phone coverage all along the beach.

-Call your APCD to inform them of your whereabouts if you are out of your community overnight, and again upon returning.
-Follow standard safety and security procedures.
-Know your limits when it comes to alcohol consumption.


The Dennery Fish Fiesta is the best night of the week for me. I love meeting up with friends and walking down to the beach to have a few drinks and check out the local scenery, especially in the summertime. The music is great, the dancing is nice and whenever there is a sponsored event, everything I just said gets doubled.

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