Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ladera Resort has donated $10,000EC to Creole Pot and Canabelle Soap

Success! Canabelle is receiving $7000 which will be used for infrastructure purchases to improve the soap making process.

Soap Making Demonstration for Ladera Resort and Father Raj.

A part of that money is being used now to fix the toilet and provide running water, one of the requirements to receive licensing from the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards. When this is accomplished one of their officers will come down for an inspection. Upon certification Super J/Juliens the largest grocery chain on the island says they will carry the soap. This is huge..thank you again Ladera. We also hope to begin working with Ladera to produce a smaller soap for their guests that will be the same price equivalent of their current guest soap. We plan to improve it by offering a special recipe designed by them using their choice of natural ingredient's like glory cedar, hibiscus flower, and aloe. It would also have the hotels logo on it. This would be a huge step towards working with all the hotels to turn Canabelle into a major income and employment generator for Canaries village.

Here are videos and pictures of the demonstration and tour of Canabelle Soap that we provided for Eustace from Ladera, Father Raj the Parish Priest, and our Community Development Officer Mahal.

Peppermint being added during the mixing stage. See Father Raj and Mahal our new Community Development Officer for the area.

Tina and Halley Cheering on the demonstration.

Soap being poured into a mold to dry. See Eustace from Ladera on the right side.

Cyrillia cutting the soap with a hand scraper.

Demonstration of Soap Cutting Process Step One

Demonstration of Soap Cutting Process Step Two

Final Step, assembling the soap boxes.

Creole Pot also received $4000EC from Ladera this will be used to purchase tables and chairs for the street party following one of the major recommendations of Ti Kaye resort to improve the event so guests can participate.

I am currently working with Mrs Edwards to organize a thank you reception for Ladera and its staff at Moon River. We will be inviting out local rep, supporters and media down for this event with the hope of giving Ladera press for their charity. We also hope to get media exposure for Creole Pot and Canabelle and the Moon River reception grounds in Canaries.

For me, this is cherry on top of an amazing Peace Corps experience. Thank you to all the people that have made this possible. Thank you Mr Hooper, Eustace and Tina for your help on this!


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Baby, I couldn't be prouder of you. I love you :-)

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