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Every Friday night the village of Anse-la-Raye comes alive with the aromas of seasoned red snapper, lambi, lobster and bakes sizzling from the grill, coolers of ice cold Piton lining the street and the sounds of soca and calypso echoing from the hi-fi. Located along Front Street, two blocks west of the highway running down the western coast of the island, the Anse-la-Raye Friday Night Fish Fry is the premier street party in all of St. Lucia and has become internationally recognized with features on BBC World and The Food Network.

Made up of twenty-five vendors, the Anse-la-Raye Vendors Association and its Friday night event is the main employer and economic stimulus in this rural fishing village on the coast of the Caribbean sea. Vendors sell arts and craft, drinks and seafood cuisine including an assortment of pot and jack fish, crab backs, shrimp, lobster, fish cakes, bakes, dahl and provisions.

Vendors begin setting up in the early afternoon with activity commencing around sundown. Tourists from surrounding hotels arrive in the early evening, with Lucians from all of the island typically arriving in the later hours. Tables and chairs can at times be at a premium as the night progresses, but the atmosphere and ambiance of Anse-la-Raye only increases as the evening continues.

The first Friday of every month is sponsored by St. Lucia Distillers, promising live entertainment from local artists. The remaining Fridays typically have DJ music, with an occasional sponsorship from Piton Brewery. Karaoke runs every Friday, just off Front Street along the village square.

Transportation from Castries to Anse-la-Raye is $3EC, with the last bus leaving ALR bus stop along Bridge Street no later than 7:00PM. Private transportation is your only option returning home,. There are always taxis for hire at the event, though they can be very pricey, so plan accordingly.

-Call your APCD to inform them of your whereabouts if you are out of your community overnight, and again upon returning.
-Follow standard safety and security procedures.
-Know your limits when it comes to alcohol consumption.


An evening spent along the waterfront in Anse-la-Raye is the perfect event to soak in the St. Lucian culture . Arrive around 8 o’clock for a good mix of tourists and locals, and watch the crowds gather as many make their way into the Moonshine Disco later in the evening. The food is good but can be rather expensive, so ALYWAYS ask the price before placing your order. Check out the Fish Fry event t-shirts, the main source of revenue for the Association and a great souvenir.

Damn Good Time.  Lots of local crafts, be sure to check out the paintings.  Pitons are cold and the karaoke is always hot.  The Dicso scene is not for me, but the Hi-Fi on the street always provides quality entertainment.  I have been to the Fish Fry more times than I can remember.  This is a must see for tourist or PCV.

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