Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Share the Love!" Canaries Mango Festival July 4-5th, 2009

Well as you know me folks, I like to stretccccccchhhhhhh myself thin:)

Not only do I have to wrap up Canabelle Soap "let me just say we have an amazing trainer named Tim from the Soap Shed coming in from North Carolina to take the ladies to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL" find a job "check that one off!", wrap up the Creole Pot Street Party and the Rabbit Project to name a few.

So, back to the Mango Festival, over the past two years I have been mulling over the question of why doesn't gorgeous Saint Lucia have a mango festival? The mango is the sexiest fruit in the world "if you have not tasted a mango in the Caribbean..well you just cannot understand this" with its incredible sweet sensuous smell and taste as you bite into the perfect sweetness of its flesh-the Body Shop makes body butter out of mangoes, you get the idea.

It doesn't make sense that Saint Lucia does not celebrate this fruit. As I have watched the mangoes drop to the ground and rot I have been thinking about how to pull this off.

Well this has all changed after I met Chef Orlando "who is quite possibly the best Chef in Saint Lucia" with my Aunt Tina at Ladera restaurant.

Orlando talked to me and my Aunt about his desire to do something special in Saint Lucia, something that would demonstrate his incredible personality and talents and benefit the people. My brain-pan has been thinking about the mangoes and with Chef Orlando's reputation for gastronomical excellence and the newly finished Moon River Entertainment Grounds that have just been finished by the Edwards family I saw a connection and an opportunity.

From there I pedaled my idea to Orlando and Mrs Edwards organizing a meeting and coming up with a draft idea of how to have this festival. After that I spent the next few weeks developing the logo "learning how to use Adobe Photoshop", materials and marketing for this festival. With that the The Share the Love, Canaries Mango Festival was born. We are now working closely with the Distillery as I write this. I would like to take a moment to wish the Saint Lucia Distillery a special thank you for their close relationship and financial support of developing Canaries. I would like to especially thank Bernard Thomas who has time and time again displayed his passion for development in Canaries.

I have also received tremendous assistance from Clifford a fellow PCV in Antigua who assisted me in designing the "Share the Love" logo and provided some form templates that saved me two weeks of work at the very least.

The Mango festival is set for next year July, 4-5th 2009 at the peak of the mango season.

It will certainly put Canaries firmly on the mental and social map of Saint Lucia.

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