Friday, August 04, 2006

Tomo my bodyguard.

My host mom sent Tomo to escort me home again, he is my personal body guard at this point. She knows I get lost in my own bathtub so she sends him out to get me at the school to make sure I get home safe.

This is a shot Lucius's brother Richard Fredrick who is now a congressman in Central Castries.

Training was good today, we had a local Saint Lucian artist present to us. He presented the non PC part of the reality of Saint Lucia and the integration attempts we will be making. It was very good to hear his unfiltered views so our rose colored glasses could clear slightly before we try to integrate into out new communities in the next few weeks.

As part of our training we have to provide a culture presentation. I am going to juggling with a few other while Chris (Sagal) blows flaming fireballs out of his mouth with rubbing alcohol, its going to be pretty wild.

The real test will be the two day camp we will be running for the local Micoud youth. Should be about 75 young children.

The training has been good, our presenter Erin a former Peace Corps volunteer has been excellent, she has a great vocab and is passionate about it. The fact that shes quite attractive does not hurt either :)

I am putting a picture up of the coast, not a pretty shot but it shows you the
amazing features Saint Lucia has, I will get some nice beach pics this weekend.


Laura said...

Lee, I can't believe how quickly you assumed your new and delicious life. Although you seen to think this isn't an especially beautiful photo of St Lucia, it is a million times better than the parking lot that was outside your office window.

I had wanted to join the Peace Corp myself, when I retired, but, as you know, I will never get to retire. So I am living through you vicariously.

Your body guard looks dependable, and it's good he knows how quickly you can get lost! I think he will remember you for a long time, just like I will. Tina, Linda and I miss your wonderful smiling face and your special spirit.

I think you'll be super nourished by the people you are working with now. I will be watching and reading. Laura

eprise said...

yay for you having fuN!!!!!!

Big Country (Leo) said...

Thanks for the Post Eprise and Laura.

Thanks Laura, yes the view of the parking lot is hard to give up. I miss you and the ladies to, miss you as in looking forward to you visiting on vacation!!! :) Lots of love everbody,