Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rainbow in Laborie on the Beach, Sunburn and more.

I am going to throw up some pictures of the village Laborie and their beach. Its a gorgeous area, its a small village that's looking to build bed and breakfasts to attract tourists who are interested in more intimate and relaxed environment that will allow them to interact with locals and village life. They only have one and its a French lady who attracts only Germans and French. It would be the perfect spot for an American to set one up. They have a corral reef and a very active community. They are currently working on water monitoring project tracking run off from the village to protect the reef and the fishing. They have a fish festival once a year and now a Sea Urchin festival. At one point the sea Urchins were nearly wiped out but by educating the local fisherman and getting them involved in counting and conservation the population has recovered enough that they can sell them at the festival and make considerably more $$$.

I also had a vicious sunburn, some pics of me and other Volunteers in the pickup. A shot of the Angel Odessa with Winetia her Granny and my host mom. A hilarious shot of me an Aaron after we tipped over the picnic bench because we both set on the same side. Two hoosiers on their backs, imagine that.

A shot of Elizabeth one of the other volunteers as we had lunch on the Peer in Laborie. It was so nice with the sea breeze and the view of the beach and village.

A nice shot of the Rainbow shooting across the beach and finally one of what it would like if you took a plane to visit me.

Tomorrow is our main interview for placement, I am going to ask for Saint Lucia. My main arguments are my desire to learn the local dialect. The development that is here that should allow me to plug into another agency with my non-profit experience.

I have no idea if I will get it, I am doing my best to push for it. I think its the best island because of all the resources and its new emphasis to opening to tourism and foreign investment makes it very friendly.


Darrell said...

Hi Leo,

This is Darrell and I am reading your blog at Carol's house in Boston. Very interesting and your life seems like it is not boring in the islands. Keep it up and I will look forward to every entry you make.


Anonymous said...
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Big Country (Leo) said...

Hey Darrell,

Whats your email addy?

Its good to hear from you anonymous, I hope to get a cell soon, maybe by Monday. Calls will be free for me for people to call in, I am not sure what the international rate will be.