Monday, August 14, 2006

Excellent Advice on Jellyfish Stings thanks to Junnaid.

....regarding the jellyfish sting and urine .. I had heard about that from
friends in the UN.. they said that that the jellyfish use nematocysts to
inject venom .. it is like a whip with millions of microscopic fish hooks on
it that activate and puncture poison from those millions of small injections
upon contact.. so the first thing you want to do is not to trigger the
inactive nematocysts..if you scrub the wound .. or try to take it out by
pulling it the inactive nematocysts will activate and pour in more
poision... the trick is to pull it out somehow so that it does not trigger
more venom ( I have no idea how you do that!!) I hear it should be washed
with sea water and not fresh water ... do not use alcohol at all ... They
say that Nematocysts are inactivated by vinegar or dilute acetic acid If no
vinegar is available, then human urine will do..... If you have a choice in
the matter, use a man's urine rather than a woman's urine. This is because
females are more prone to occult urinary tract infections, thus introducing
bacteria. Male urine is considered sterile, since men are much less likely
to have a urinary tract infection.

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