Monday, August 14, 2006

I have my dream post.

I will be officially staying in Saint Lucia in the village of Canaries

Go to this link to find out more info.

This is my dream post, its a smaller fishing village on the West side of the Saint Lucia on the coast towards the middle. It is on the Caribbean side of the ocean. "Calmer waves, great diving."

It is primarily a fishing village looking to develop in some tourism and other community projects.

I will be staying with a host family for 6 weeks before I will move out into my own apartment.

The assignment is to work in community development. I will basically be given 6 weeks to get to know all the players in the village and different projects going on so I can find my own niche. It could be working with the youth in the trades school, working with a church youth group, or perhaps helping develop their "fruit" festival, not sure if thats the name, I did not catch it all.

I am excited about the community I will be living with for the next two years.

I can promise you I plan on going out with the fisherman. I plan on learning how to harpoon, my goal is to harpoon a 100 pound tuna and anything else that does not eat me first. Harpoon fishing is you basically cruising around in a brightly colored wood fishing boat with an old Yamaha outboard on the back looking for big fish. Once you spot one you cut the engine slip on your diving mask, grab your harpoon and dive in.
If you nail the fish with the harpoon you jump back in the boat and follow the buoy attached to it just like in the movie jaws, to follow the fish.

I also plan on building my own lobster trap out of chicken wire. As you can tell I am pretty much miserable. Seriously this is one of the best times of my life, college was good, studying abroad in Europe and back packing with my buddy Joe through Paris, Hungary, and Rome was awesome. This however is just too amazing. I mean you have this amazing Creole culture, the laid back incredible friendliness. Combine that with Reggae and its paradise on earth. How often do you go to work and pick a mango out of the tree above your head and eat it on the way in?

I also plan on having Chickens, I am going to name one drumstick and the other nugget. I deff plan on getting a lamb or goat. Its like having your own personal lawn mower, you tie them to a rope that 20 ft long thats attached to an allen block, move them to a different spot every 2 days and give them some water. That's it, no maintenance, and then you have a big party in a year and you have roast lamb. I think I am going to name my pet lamb lambchop or something so I do not become attached. :)

Will see, I will prob have to have a Saint Lucian help me slaughter it for the feast because I am wimp when it comes to animals, shoot I will probably take the lamb up to the moutain to let it go because I would be afraid someone would eat it once I left.

I am only 30 minutes away from Castries the capitol and airport so that is also wonderfull.

So thats it, I will post my address when I find out.


lisa said...
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Joe said...

you better save a lambchop for me.

Junnaid said...

Excellent!!!!~ Looks like I'm comin to St. Lucia sooner than I thought!

good idea about the goat..I can help you slaughter it ... I have experience!

Lisa said...
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eprise said...