Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wedding and Life Update

Wedding planning can take the joy out of the wedding especially when you are a broke Peace Corps volunteer.

The wedding is going to be amazing, it has just been challenging to figure out all the way to work with a limited budget for this special occasion. I have just finished the wedding invitation, Marcy is looking it over today for final approval before we begin sending it out.

I am truly thankful for all the friends that I have coming down who are taking time away from their lives to share this special moment with me and Marcy. You really learn who your friends are when it costs them $700US each for their plane tickets just to get here. For me it was never a question in my mind as to whether they would come, my friends are the best people in the world.

Were are still going to have the wedding ceremony on the white sand beach everyone voted for, will be having the reception at Moon River at the Edwards place. It is a beautiful entertainment and banquet hall set on the side of the Canaries River before you begin you enter the rain forest.

VISA, VISA, VISA, that is our next challenge for me and Marcy. We have the choice of going to England or the US but we have a few rough spots. The VISA costs $1050US for England, that is not the most difficult part, Marcy has to show savings and employment for an amount of time to prove that she can support me in case I do not get a job. This is the governments view, the other most annoying part is the government will not provide the magic number for how much savings she must show or how many months employment. The US is not so bad, you apply and it takes a few months to be approved, it still costs over $800 with all costs. So Marcy is currently in England now hunting for a job so she can save up for the wedding for a few months. She will be returning in August for the wedding and then we head to England or the US depending on what we decide and what job opportunities become available. I leave this month on April 23nd and will be staying in England until May 27th to see how I like England since it is one of our options. Were blessed to have the option of going to two incredible nations.

Will be fine, its just busy.

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