Monday, March 24, 2008

Canabelle Soap Co-op has a New Home

We have had some huge success and progress for one of main projects Canabelle Soap.

First we have successfully renovated the old Church enough that the building is now secure and has power.

Secondly Canabelle Soap has moved in and they have built their own office and production room.

Thirdly Canabelle has their own Computer, heavy duty printer, heavy blender and grinder.

Canabelle receiving the blender and grinder.

The ladies thanking Bonnie and Connie and their friends.

The new PC and you can just make out the new printer in the left corner.

Fourthly Hallie has been able to secure a meeting with Magic Coconut Oil to discuss purchasing oil in bulk to dramatically cut down on soap making costs.

Here is the President Deterville talking about the progress we have made.

We have a meeting on April 3rd with the Catholic Church, the local community group and the Basic Needs Trust Fund to look at the way forward for Canabelle and the old church building.


Marcy said...

Well done. All the hard work has paid off.

david santos said...

Hello, Big Country!
Great posting. Thank you. I loved this blog.
Have a good weekend.

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