Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rabbit Hutch Frame Complete

Hello Everyone,

The Rabbit Project is moving along nicely. We were able to gather the hutch frame materials through donations from village leaders. I was able to provide the quarter inch wire for the bottom of the cage and the chicken wire for the sides from donations from friends and family back in the states. I am really impressed with Ison, we are basing the design of Isons hutch of off Sebastian, he was able to build the exact same frame from memory without using measurements or a drawing. Ison also used all of the wood material with only one piece of 3ft 2x2 treated wood left over. He certainly has talent and skill, the frame is constructed from 15 12ft 2x2 treated wood pieces and 2 2x2 treated 15ft wood pieces.

Me and Ison talking about the Project:

Ison talking about his hopes for the Rabbits:

Pictures of the frame:

Isons home with his mother, brothers and sisters:

All that is left to construct the cage is installing the wire, sheet metal roof, legs for the hutch from local wood, and latches and hinges for the doors. I will be back in Saint Lucia on the 27th and will provide updates on the final construction then.

I would like to thank the following people from the village for their donation of time and money.

Press Scott
Mr Jon Baptiste
Agatha and Gary

and not to forget
and anyone else I forgot to mention.

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