Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Official Wedding Invitation

We did it in a Postcard Format, below is the front side and the second image is the backside. It was created in Photoshop and Publisher. We will be emailing it to anyone who have email to save on printing costs. The folks still using the coconut telegraph will get one mailed to them. Click on the image to enlarge, you can also take the image and save it if you need to print it.

See everyone soon!


Marcella said...

Hey babe, i love it. See you in eight days.

Willy BoBo said...

Money it is then....

Beautiful Invitation, Hope your doing well Marcella and the weather improves here in England.

I know you guy's are busy but if you get the chance you know you are always welcome to come visit.

If you need info just ask


Willy BoBo said...

I've just read further down...

I know a few people in London who might be able to help as well as many people up north but if you send me your CV's I will get them in front of the right people


Marcella said...

Oh thank you Willy. That will be great( visting you and your family and sending my CV to you).
I will most deffinately take you up on both offers.