Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Progress is being made on all fronts in Canaries.

Old Church:
A miracle has happened where the Catholic Church is going to allow us to begin using the Old Church for activities. In the past their were some contentions between the community groups and church but it looks like both sides are working together again for the benefit of the community. This is something I did not think I would see before I completed my service. The old church needs some work, structurally it is sound and beautiful. It is one of the only building that you can have large community activities and trainings. The initial inspection was a bit scary, the smell or urine was the first thing that was noticed and then the drunk sleeping on a foam pad in the corner was the second plus a dead dog and a few birds.

Sat at 8am people of the village will be there to bleach and clean the building to exercise the demons so to speak. Will also be making some minor door repairs and we will be placing a lock on the church giving the keys to the priest and parish. Hopefully we can continue to work with the Parish council and priest and come to agreement on how to use the building so we can begin pursuing funding to make repairs. Its very exciting.

The rabbits had ear infections with this nasty yellow stuff was coming out, it was really, really gross, it was so think it literally filled their ears. With Tina's help and guidance we cleaned out the rabbits ears with q-tips, tweezers and peroxide and a little triple antibiotic to help them heal. Without her help I could have lost the whole herd. Later on a few others had the infection but I was able to doctor them up with the help of a few local boys that assist me.

Right now I am in the process of fund raising for the Rabbit Co-op, its a good project that I know it will have benefits to Canarians as a small business enterprise.

Creole Pot:
This week the president of the Canaries UK association will be visiting. We will be giving a special luncheon or dinner to talk to him about the development of Canaries and Creole Pot.
I was also able to push to have a special VIP pass on Creole Pot nights for possible funders and advocates of Creole Pot. This badge has a huge VIP on it in block letters and the Creole Pot logo. It entitles that person to free drinks and food for the evening. It will be interesting to see how it goes, and how people react, I predict that people will be asking me for VIP passes for themselves:) My only fear is that people may harass the person with the VIP for free drinks since they do not have to pay. Will come to that bridge when we have to.

We have also moved the stage around a bit and have rearranged the booths, hopefully the new setup will improve traffic flow. We also have tables and chairs for people to sit and signs on the road for the event that was provided by Cricket World Cup money.

Were hoping the UK association will see how Creole Pot is providing employment and positive changes in the community and agree to fund the proposal so we can make capacity and infrastructure improvements.

Lastly we have been working with Urania and Nick to begin making our constitution to protect the organization.
Urania is also submitting proposal for us for training and infrastructure purchases.
Hopefully some of those benefits will come through.

So that's it from the WEST SIDE!! of Saint Lucia.


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