Thursday, April 26, 2007

Canaries High St Bathroom Repair and Jetti Repair

The Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) is looking into possibly making some major infrastructure repairs in Canaries that will have a major impact on the success of the Canaries Street Party and future tourism development efforts in the community along with improving the quality of life for local residents. Currently BNTF is looking to possibly repair the bathroom facility on High St which will provide welcome "relief" to tourists who are attending the street party. During our survey with one of the hotels not having sufficient restrooms facilities was found as a major fault to developing the event. The second infrastructure repair is the sea Jetty which allows boats to dock in Canaries to visit the village. Basically repairing this provide a completely new way to enter Canaries. We have already have had commitments from a few hotels (JJ's in particular) to begin bringing tourist down to the street party.

With these two infrastructure improvements Canaries is well on its way to developing a self sustaining tourism and support for its local residents.

The first series of pictures will be showing the sea Jetty and the repairs needed following by the High St. Bathroom. I will also include the estimates of the repairs.

Main shot of Jetty.

First shot of the steps and and platform.

Here you can see how the sea forced the boards up. Unfortunately when they were installed it was done with large nails instead of bolts and screws, the first storm that came through began to pop up the boards one at a time until most of them are gone making it nearly impossible to climb up to the Jetty.

Another shot showing the missing boards at the base of the step.

This is where the boats and dingys would pull up, the boards have to be replaces and a tire barrier needs to be built on the rail to protect the boats and platform.

Here is where you can see where end of the platform has fallen. The wood is good, the support struts need to be replaced in the back. It will require a hydraulic lift and a lot of manpower to move into position so it can be repaired.

Take a look at the support struts, you can see where the wood between the support struts and main truss is missing.

Here is a closeups showing the damaged struts on both sides.

This final picture show how the final beam is dipping into the ocean and it is causing stress on the rest of the structure, if not eventually repaired it could eventually cause permanent damage to the remaining platform.

Here is picture from the Jetty showing new development in Canaries. The building has been recently purchase from Press On by Zap, he is renovating it to create a guesthouse, resurant and disco. Development like this along with the street party must have a functional Jetty in order to be sustainable.

Hello All,

The final series of pictures shows the bathroom on High St.

Here is the lovely bathroom entrance on the right side.

Here is the entrance to men's side, the showers are also on this side.

You can see the rain gutter damage here.

Damage to roof edge.

The Laundry which is no longer usable.

Back side of laundry.

More gutter damage.

Electrical work needs to be done to install working lights for the night.

The toilets need to be repaired and in some cases replaced.

The wash sinks needs repaired and refurbished.

The bathrooms need to be retiled and the showers renovated.

More tile damage.

The second shower.

Thank you for taking the time to review these pictures and we are all excited to think of the changes coming for Canaries Village.

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