Monday, April 16, 2007

The Old Church: Exorcising the dirt demons

Saturday the old Catholic church was cleansed after sitting boarded up for 10 years minus the occoasional vagrant that broke it for a nights sleep. The 10yrs worth the dirt devils and nasties were exorcised with the help of two beautiful volunteer ladies on vacation from North Carolina named Bonnie and Connie.

With there assistence we were able to command a small army of little helpers ranging in age from 4-14yrs of age.

This all came about because of a phone call I received from Janine the mananger at Ti'Kaye resort. She had two tourists that were looking for volunteer work while they vacationed and I was the first person she thought of when they asked. After I picked my jaw up off the floor in surprise I said, yes certainly I would love to have there help.

(all pictures are after the cleaning was done)

Bonnie and Connie arrived at the appointed time and we entered the church. The floor was covered in a dark soot like filth, broken pews lay around and strong odor of urine permeated everything. Deep in the corner was Mary the Mother of God covered in soot. It was an intimidating site to face with 3 brooms made of local pieces of wood and leaves that had seen better days and a single hose putting forth a weak stream of water.

We bravely attacked and members of the village, mostly children continued to show up wanting to help up, within an hour we had a veritable army of children eager to please, pushing and scrubbing soot. We dumped, sprayed, swept, and sweated pushing that filth out of the church.

Bonnie and Connie were incredible, passing out rubber gloves to all the kids like candies. Half the people working with us were just there to meet these two nice white ladies.

We worked and scrubbed through the day and miraculously the floor begin to appear, the urine smell was replaced with a clean bleach smell and Mother Mary came from the corner back to the middle of the church.

It was a great day and we did some wonderful work in the community and it would not have happened without Bonnie and Connie's help.

After the cleaning we went back to my place where they met Marcy and we have a few fresh mango and banana smoothies with Chairman's. It was great time and we look forward to both them visiting us again in paradise.

This Church is clean!!!!!!!!!!

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