Monday, April 16, 2007

Mullet Survey

Shocking allegation were brought to my attention by a close friend who will remain nameless that my hair style already has or is rapidly approaching mullet status. Please review the following photo evidence.

For the definitive info on mullets and the many classification visit:

Classic Mullet for comparative analysis:

I am taking a Mullet survey, based on how many votes I receive in the form of comments in the blog comment section I will keep my hair the way it is or have it cut.

Please Vote be leaving a comment with the following info:

1. If I have a mullet leave message"Tame the Mullet!"
2. If I do not have a mullet leave the message "Let the Beast grow"
3. Leave at least your first name so I know someone is not cheating on the voting.

The results will be announced in two weeks on April 30th.

Godspeed people, godspeed!


caroline said...

rock the mullet! own the mullet! There is a PC legacy of mullet. My friend RJ had the opportunity and desire to grow a mullet and it became a D'ca EC69 event. They had a party, cultural exchange

Daniel said...

Um you are most definitely on your way to a mullet, but I say "let the beast grow." Hair is a good thing.

Bill said...

Well... its so close to tell, I know that short on top long below would signify the norm in Mullet couture but it could be do to the humidity of the islands, at times yes and time no...

"Let the Beast grow"


The Island Queen said...

Let the beast grow.......I'd like to run my fingers through it.

Bobbie said...

Let the beast grow! I miss you Lee:) BOBBIE

Joe said...

Tame the Beast!

Seriously, that's a mullet. But just trim the back, and rock the mop.

Anonymous said...

Your true mullet was around 1987 the current style does not meet all criteria. Let it grow save your meager wages for rum, not haircuts.

Darrell said...

In Indiana we call a mullet hairstyle--"Camaro Hair" referring to those hillbillies who used to or still do drive Camaros.

Anonymous said...

IT LOOKS UGLY!!! you have a hansome face... CUT IT!!

Anonymous said...

let the beast grow