Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentines Day

Happy V-day to everyone.

I had an incredible V-day, I had my girly with me all day and then my Aunties dropped in and my MaMa came over.

I have to give props to the Aunties who saved my butt for V-day. Being a poor Peace Corps volunteer I had no idea what to do for my girl. The aunties talked to be about flowers, so on the drive home from Souf to Canaries they would pull over every time I saw some good ones. I would jump out with my buck knife and begin hacking and sawing. Remind you this is on curving mountain road in the rainforest. I was only nearly ran over once and I pierced a few times by 1 inch thorns in my labor of love.

Anyway it was all worth it, here is the success.

Anyone like the aluminum foil wrap around the 5 gallon bucket:)

Here my beautiful baby next to them.

Here are some of the hearts I plastered around the house.


Anonymous said...

Man what a couple of hot Aunties

The real girly! said...
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Foster Child Advocate said...

That is such a cute bouquet and your girlfriend is adorable. What do the hearts say?

Big Country (Leo) said...

Thanks, Dou Dou means sweatheart and is pronouced do-do.