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Canaries Creole Pot Infrastructure and Growth Proposal

Here is a copy of the Canaries Creole Pot Development proposal that I was able to put together and submit to the Canaries UK Association. I am excited along with the other members of the Creole Pot Committee at this possibility of funding and sponsorship. If they help us we will be able to establish Creole Pot as one of the best street parties that is true to Creole culture. Read below if your curious:

Canaries Creole Pot

“Where the Kweyol’s at!”

Canaries Creole Pot Infrastructure and Growth Proposal

Submitted on 3rd February, 2007 by the Canaries Creole Pot Committee

Recorded by: Lee Klejnot, Canaries Peace Corps Volunteer

Proposal Outline

Introduction (pg 2)

History of Canaries Creole Pot (pg 2-3)

Governance (pg 4-5)

Looking Forward (pg 5)

Finances of Creole Pot (pg 5-6)

Creole Pot Funding Request (pg 6)

Accountability and Implementation (pg 6)

Conclusion (pg 7)


Canaries Creole Pot is a biweekly event that showcases Canaries rich, diverse culture by providing a street party featuring Creole dishes and live Creole music set in a quaint, clean, safe, fishing village.

More importantly Canaries Creole Pot provides economic stimulus and employment. Canaries Village has the highest unemployment rate of the island at 30.6% per the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy and Action plan from the Ministry of Social Transformation. This activity provides employment for 24-30 Lucian’s. As it grows it will continue to provide financial and social benefits to Canaries.

The Creole Pot Committee is asking the United Kingdom Canaries Association to help build the infrastructure and assist with some of the live entertainment costs of Canaries Creole Pot so that in can become a self sufficient enterprise within Canaries that will ultimately promote a village and a people that have often been neglected.

History of Canaries Creole Pot

On the 26 of November 2005 the Canaries Creole Pot was founded with the help of the Village Council, Canaries Community Club and the Ministry of Social Transformation. It has been sponsored and received assistance from Saint Lucian Distillers, Bank of Saint Lucia and Ministry of Social Transformation.

The Canaries Creole Pot has just celebrated its 1 year anniversary this November.

It is the lynchpin event in the development of Canaries. Our World Cup Cricket Proposal uses the street party as the backbone of its events and it is absolutely critical in the development of Canaries tourism

All vendors have trained and certified in Hygiene and Food Prep by the government.

Creole Pot is a recognized and registered event with the Ministry of Tourism and it has its own business account setup through the Bank of Saint Lucia.

Some brief information about Kweyol Pot:

The Canaries Kweyol Pot Street Party is the best way to experience Caribbean Kweyol flavor and culture in the intimate small fishing village of Canaries. Experience a street party with “LIVE” Kweyol Music with the West Coast Band. They will be mixing in Soka and traditional Kweyol songs with some classics from Bob Marley starting at 6pm. Taste genuine Kweyol Cuisine from our Food Health Certified Vendors. Have the Rabbit Kweyol Platter, serving our signature dish of stewed rabbit in red wine and coconut cream with all the traditional sides like breadfruit and dasheen. For the less adventurous we always have plenty of BBQ chicken and fish. We also offer traditional Vegetarian Rasta food that’s always fresh and organic.


Creole Pot is governed by a diverse board of community member who are dedicated to the growth and development of the community of Canaries. Each member understands the importance of Creole Pots success as the main activity in Canaries. With the village looking to develop a tourism market having a successful street party is critical in this development.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Creole Pot President, Sonya Nestor

The Creole Pot president is a single mother of three. Her experience includes working for Secret Wine Bar and Restaurant for 3 years and Chungs Chinese for 5 years. She has been vending on her own for the past 3 years before Creole Pot was organized.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Public Relation Officer, Marguerite Edwards

Mrs. Edwards has long been a pillar in the community and is one of the key stakeholders in starting and maintaining the Creole Pot. She has spent countless hours borrowing begging and investing her own finances in Creole Pot. Because of her dedication, hard work and perseverance Creole Pot is a growing event. Her and her husband owned their own interior design and renovation business in Canada. She has been a long time Canaries youth advocate and youth sponsor. Her professional training includes a double major in Sociology and Childhood Education with a Masters in Childhood Education.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Treasurer, Agatha Francis

A returned retiree from England Agatha has given herself to community work and institutional strengthening. She and her husband Gary have both received awards from the Canaries UK association for their outstanding service from the foundation with Gary serving 9 years and Agatha 7. Agatha’s professional experience includes working for Marks and Spenser’s for 14 years.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Peace Corps Volunteer, Lee Klejnot

Lee previously worked for the non-profit, Orphan Foundation of America as grant administrator for three years. At OFA he disbursed over 4.3 million dollars in scholarship funds to orphans and foster youth in United States. He now assists Canaries Creole Pot, and Canaries Community Club with the primary goal of improving economic development in Canaries.

Other Vendors:

Leonarda (Leona) Leonty and Rosa Benjamin

Steve Leonty and another family member

Suzanna Joseph and another family member

Nadette Fanis and her daughter Carshel Fanis.

Rufina St. Omer and her cousin Kisha Joseph.

Looking Forward

Creole Pot is continuing in its development with the goal of tourists and Lucian’s enjoying Canaries to the fullest. Creole Pot has become an established event since it has been existence for a year now. Intuitions and ministries are taking it seriously as an event to develop Canaries.

Based on written surveys taken by tourists, Peace Corps volunteers and an evaluation from the Ti Kaye’ resort the following issues have been identified that must be addressed before the hotels will be willing to send guests that could bring the event into a profitable activity.

The biggest issue identified is the lack of seating, tables and tents. In the proposal we are asking for 6, 6ft tables and 36 chairs and 4 pop up tents for the tables to keep tourists dry during those quick downpours. Also identified was the lack of usable safe bathroom facilities. The Community Club and Village Council have agreed to provide funding for the restrooms renovations.

Currently the stage is setting at the crossroads by the market which is to close to the disco where the live music can sometimes be drowned out by the disco. We continue to be drawn into a “sound off” every Creole Pot that does nothing for our guests. To address this problem were looking to moving the stage to the end of the street so it's not as close to the disco. We will need two additional pop up tents to protect the Hi Fi and speakers since they will no longer have the protection of the market bringing the total required tents to 6.

Finances of Creole Pot

Currently Creole Pot currently runs on a deficient of $300-400EC per event. Our current costs are $400 for Hi Fi and DJ service which also includes stage setup and tear down. The live entertainment costs for the West Coast Band is $400 and $100 for police security. We currently collect $100 EC each from the 5-6 vendors. This amount does not cover all the costs of the Creole Pot and is taxing for the vendors reducing their profits from the evening to the point where it is sometimes cost prohibitive for them to continue vending. With the infrastructure purchases above the Canaries Creole Pot will be able to attract more tourists and thus more vendors and provide an opportunity for local crafts sellers to sell. With those increases the Creole Pot will no longer be in the red and it will become a self sustaining event. The Creole Pot Committee asks that in addition to assistance with the infrastructure needs that funding be considered to help with entertainment costs. We ask that assistance be provided for one years worth of entertainment to allow the Creole Pot to build up capitol and capacity as one of Canaries feature events. That would provide the time of incumbency necessary to build up the events capacity to attract tourists and more vendors. It is particularly important that this request be considered as a priority as Soufriere is currently organizing a street party that will be directly competing with Creole Pot since it is on same dates and times as the Creole Pot. If sponsorship is not provided and infrastructure issues are not addressed the Soufriere street party has the potential of taking away customers.

Creole Pot Funding Request Price Quantity Total in EC Total in Pounds
Heavy Duty 6ft Tables 258.00 6 1,548.00 295.93
Priced from Big J's Wholesale


Heavy Duty Folding Chairs 115.00 36 4,140.00 791.44
Priced from Big J's Wholesale


Pop up Tents 250.00 6 1,500.00 286.75
Priced from Courts


1 Year Sponsorship for Live Entertainment.

Live Entertainment (West Coast Band) 26 times per year 400.00 26 10,400.00 1,988.33
Hi-Fi System, DJ, Stage Setup, 26 times per year 400.00 26 10,400.00 1,988.33
Total Funding Request

27,988.00 5,350.78

Accountability and Implementation

When giving funds for development work the question of accountability must always be addressed. Rest assured that our accounting and receipts are accurate and available kept in excel for transparency and reporting purposes. We pledge that funding given for Creole Pot will be used and accounted for directly. In addition to receipts we will provide pictures of the infrastructure purchases that are addressed and they will be emailed to UK association along with the balance sheet of how funding was applied.


Canaries is developing this important economic and social activity to stimulate the communities economy. Please support Creole Pot and help us use this wonderful community event as a leverage to promote Canaries on the mental and social map of Saint Lucia to continue to improve the life of its residents.

We thank you for considering our proposal and look forward to working with you to develop OUR beautiful village together.

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