Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Update on Cricket World Cup and Pics of local flowers.

Hello All Friends Family and Collegues reading this blog for the continuing adventures of Leo and the Aunties.

This is Hummingbird beach in Soufriere which is only 20 minutes from Canaries. Those are the Pitons, amazing eh? And who are those two fine ladies, my Aunties of course loving it!

Okay so first I am going to talk briefly about the work being done for World Cup Cricket and then some Pics the Aunties have taken of the local flowers.

Meetings, meetings and more meetings, as we prepare for World Cup. I have been in evening meetings 3 nights last week going from 7-9:30 pm and this week its looking like every night until our kickoff event this Sunday.

Somehow this has all come together and its been through a lot of hard work of members of the community, me, the president, secretary, Agatha, Jackie, Ian and the list goes on.....

The government has stepped up and provided the funding for the 15 LATS on the island to put on events during World Cup as the island will be flooded with some 20,000 tourists. Its an exciting time and represents an opportunity for Canaries to seriously work on its tourism.

Were looking forward to the launching of the months activities this Sunday when we will be having 2 of the top acts on the island playing. The calsonian Invader and Matrix band.

So enough on that here are the pics.

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Bill said...

OOOhhhh show'n some leg there ladies!
Looks fantastic, must be having a brilliant time in the islands mon'.