Friday, January 12, 2007

To Do List for the New Year

Hello Everyone,

Here is quick laundry list of the things I have to do with the next week and a half to give you an idea of the work I do.

Finish World Cup Cricket brochure and poster.
Meet with Community Development Officer
Print off Creole Pot Brochure then take it to Castries Peace Corps to make copies.
Hand out copies to Taxi cab drivers and cab driver association for coming Creole Pot.
Write proposal to Saint Lucian Distillers for VIP Tiki Bar by the fisherman's boats.
Work on Language cards for next Peace Corps group.
Finish 1 year plan for Peace Corps
Tuesday meeting 7-9pm Thursday 7-9pm.
Sunday meeting with UK association.
Talk to Kinsley Peter about Canaries website design.
Meet with Ti Kaye about Creole Pot
Write Economic Component of Canaries Development Plan
Meet with Ian to discuss writing Canaries Development Day Proposal.

With all this work though you have these obvious perks.

Take care everyone!

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