Monday, January 29, 2007

Cost info for Peace Corps Volunteers and local produce.

Okay so here are some EXCITING pictures for new PCV's coming of local produce in the islands with prices. Remember future PCVS your monthly check is 1750EC 500-600 goes to rent, 100EC to cell phone. 100EC for DSL. 300-400 Minimum for groceries if your a big guy.

Pumpkin, 5EC

Banana's/Green Figs 2-3EC

Local Tomatoes are a bit pricy at 10 EC for the bigger ones that come in a bag of with 6 or so tomatoes. They are delicious!

Giant Papaya, not sure, usually get it from neighbors, maybe 5 EC?

BreadFruit 3EC, this stuff is interesting. Boil Bake it or throw it in a fire and pull it out when its black.

If i had to imagine what Manna tasted like it would probably be like breadfruit. The best way to eat it roasted on a fire. If you roast on a fire on the beach you peal of the burnt skin and then you eat it, you can dip in the ocean for a different flavor.

Starfruit .50EC


David Hanson said...

Bro. Leo,

I have tears in my eyes from laughing over the thought of you frolicking in the Caribbean all at taxpayer expense. The whole thing fits perfectly. Ruth and I are in State College, PA, with 4 kids slaving away in the cold. Indeed, you would have been voted most likely to find a fun job in an exotic location funded by taxes.

I found you through Joe Bibby's blog. I love the picture of the Camaro. The way you write and communicate gives away the fact that it is you, even without the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama?!!! Lee, Lee, Lee...don't you know that he makes Teddy Kennedy look like an ultra conservative? Oh my, I feel as if I failed you somehow. ; )


Anonymous said...

I know. Can you stand that Democrats want to give special funding to the the poor, the sick, and the foster kids? Those damn Democrats! I wonder what Jesus would think!

Big Country (Leo) said...

Hanson! How the hell are you buddy, I have to say you and Ruthie were TWO of my favorite people before you scampered of into the real world and holy matrimony. Anyway shoot me an email, would love to stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

It's not the money to the kids people contest. It's more about the kids in the womb that won't get out because of the pro-abort stance of elected officials like Barak Obama.