Monday, January 29, 2007

Fishing, and Marigot Beach Day

Here is Picture from Laborie I took Doll.

The year has been a slow start, we have had a plethora of trainings. Tomorrow starts a two day training on project management for 8 hours each day. I am fearful that its going to be common sense and repetitive, I hope not. Right now I have a cat in the front yard who is in eat and is meowing non-stop, I have about 5 male cats hanging out taking turns. The bad part is the males are spraying everywhere so my front yard is starting to smell like a giant litter box. Getting a dog is becoming more of a temptation by the day.

For you Indiana Hoosiers out there I thought you would appreciatte this pictures I took in View Fort.

Yes it is a pimped out Camaro and notice what it says on the right rear tire, oh yes you guessed it!

I am starting to believe that anyone from Indiana should specifically request serving in the Eastern Caribbean, truly I believe if your from Indiana you will have the least amount of culture shock.

On the island of Saint Lucia out of all the Peace Corps volunteers we have not one, no not two, but three people from Indiana out of 14 volunteers that come from all parts of the US. What are the chances?????

Here are few pics from fishing at the beach with Nick and Owen.

Here are a few from Marigot Bay where I spent the day with Marcy and the Aunties.


Cass and Marcy

Restaurant with a nice view.

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Willie said...

Leo, we used to fish like that, using a pole fishing for Jack, standing in water, trolling for Sharks. :)

Tina and Cass, looking relaxed girls, hope your enjoying yourselves. I'll call Jim to get an update.

Miss you guy's

Willie BoBo