Thursday, November 09, 2006

Preaching about the sandals. Keens and Crocs sandals Rule.

Here is rant on essential shoes to have here, or well anywhere you can wear Sandals.

Shoes are tough to come buy here in the Islands so please make sure buy yourself a set of Keens sports sandals and a pair of Crocs for the beach for yourself. The are essential haves for down here, yes the Keens are $90 bucks but they are worth every little cent. You can wear these hiking in the rain forest, in Castries, or with some Khakis and they look good, they protect your feet, keep them cool and protected. The Crocs are essential for the most comfortable sandal that you can wear on the beach, walk in the corral, anything and anywear. They are super light and they do not rot or stink after being exposed to salt water. You just rinse them off and you are good to go.

Keens website with the New H2's



Joe said...

I can't believe you left out the old standby Teva.

You really like the Crocs?

Big Country (Leo) said...

Teva smeeva, when your walking on the beach climbing over rocks or in the rainforest having your toes protected by shoelike front is amazing and I think they are more comfortable.

On the Crocs issue Joe, I would stake our friendship on the fact that once you buy a pair and wear them for a while you will swear by them like me.

Its kind of like the the switch from tighty whities to boxers, your used to the briefs and you have to go on a limb and try the boxers but after 1-2 days of the freedom you would never consider going back.

Seriously Joe, Crocs were made for guys like you and me!

Make sure you go for the Khaki color, they match everthing.

Joe said...

Teva has made sandals with shoe like fronts for 5 or 6 years, where have you been?

Maybe I'll have to give crocs a try, you have me intrigued.

Big Country (Leo) said...

Did not know that, one more tip on crocs, the back strap can be flipped forward to the front of the sandal for slip in slip out mode for ultimate comfort and convienence.

Mrs. B. said...

Not to come in between Lee and my son, but I love Crocs. I was having feel trouble, and I bought a pair. I swear by them and wear them every day. They wash up great in the dishwasher!! But I didn't know that guys wore them!!! I haven't seen that in the USA. The nurses in the hospital swear by them, and they are on their feet all day.

Hi Lee, by the way. :-)

Big Country (Leo) said...

Thanks Mrs B.

Joe LISTEN to your mother!!!! :)

Case Closed.

Was good to hear from you Mrs B.