Saturday, November 04, 2006

Long awaited pictures of my Pad!

Okay here are some long awaited pictures of my pad.

Outside of House

Outside of House 2

Front of House

Front Yard

Trying to snare a chicken.

Living Room

Front Living Room

Deep conversation in the Kitchen

Inside Kitchen

Kichen 2


Master Bedroom, since I had window screens installed I really don't need the masquito net anymore.

I am probably one of 13 Peace Corps volunteers with AC in the world. Total current volunteers is around 7800.

Spare Bedroom

3 wall mounted fans in the house, oh yeah baby!!!

Closets in spair bedroom

Side Yard


Backyard Bananna Tree

Damn chickens, bring earplugs cause they start crowing at 5am, I am used to it now. I plan on catching and eating a few before my two years up.

More damn chickens, really they are the only thing I have to complain about.

Catholic Church next door.

Infant school principal next door.


Anonymous said...

damn, nice setup! no roughing it for leo! ;)joy

Big Country (Leo) said...

You better believe it girl, so when you coming down ;)