Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flight information for visiting me in Saint Lucia.

Here are 6 different examples of prices from a few different cities using Orbitz.
All of the below flight have you arriving in the Southern Airport UVF. You can arrive at the Northern if you want which is closer, whatever is cheapest.

I am listing these now as a hint for people I want to visit me and also a reminder that if you want to book a flight for the new years/Christmas season do it now. Why not spend New Years in the Caribbean with your buddy Leo! :)

I will see you here! Say coconuts!!!

This is an Actual Sunset Picture in Canaries.

These flight prices are without me looking for a good deal or playing with the dates, I am sure with some minimum work you can get them to drop by $100. Check the next days blog with an email from another volunteer on how to get the best deal.

From Saint Louis MO to Saint Lucia leave December 20th-27th at $667

From Chicago to Saint Lucia has a nice flight. 19-27th $643

Washington DC to Saint Lucia 19-27th out of DCA $619 theses prices include taxes.

George Bush Airport in Texas to Saint Lucia 19-27th is the best one, it has no overnight and is only $657 with taxes.

Indianapolis to Saint Lucia is $624

Fort Myers to Saint Lucia is $777 if you fly out of Miami its a nice price drop.

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Anonymous said...

love the not-so-subtle hints and research.