Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saint Lucia


I am in Saint Lucia now with my host family. Today we drove around the coast, gorgeous, we drove out on a cliff that's across from George Foremans house. The Fredericks are courteous and wonderful family. The first thing they did when I arrived was buy me 4 6 pack of Piton (local St. Lucian beer) and Guiness. I have cable, internet, pretty much all the comforts, the great contrast is directly below the house is a goat tied to a fence and few chickens running around. The last four days have been a blur, a good blur. Were jamming to Reggae right now enjoy the fresh sea breeze of the coast. Tonight were going to go to county dance hall. I am sure after a few shots of Chairmans Rum and Pitons I will be doing a full fledged white mans underbite on the dance floor.

I have been holding there gorgious grand daughter the last few days, shes a little heartbreaker at 8 months. I have this baby more in the last day then I have held babies my whole life, for the most part I like to run from them. They certianly grow on you. I will try to get some pics of this little angel as soon as I can.

I am going to try to recap the last few days. My traning class is 75, the ratio of men to women is 62% and 38% men. A good part of the women are very lovely. The guys are cool to. Basically your getting together a huge group of people who have very similiar ideas and world views. It takes a certain kind of personality to just leave it all behind and go into the unknow with the Peace Corps.

I have had some intersting talk with a few of them, some have pasts that you would never think would be a match for the Corps but they are actually doing very well so I would say to anyone who is thinking of applying, do it, dont limit yourself. If your below your 40's you will need to have some sort of degree to participate.

So we arrived in DC, the training was at the Holiday in at Georgetown. Everthing was well done and training was very good as far as an introduction. They kept in very vauge purposely so your country training can give you the specifics.

Towards the end they freaked us a bit when all the timing changed. Will be staying in out village area for 3 weeks and then we will receive our island placement. They split us into 3 groups and placed us in 3 diffrent villages. I am in the central one called Mocoud. I know I did not spell that right.

Okay, I am going to stop here with training, maybe I will pick it up later.

This is my
Ko ew ka ali means "Where are you going?"

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