Monday, July 24, 2006


The last two weeks have gone by amazingly fast. I only have one thing to wrap up today and that's my will besides packing and cleaning up the car. I will be hanging out with Junnaid, Nila, Paul and maybe Pullium before I leave.

I have to admit I did not get to enjoy the jacuzzi, hammock, pond or fishing as much as I should have. I took a night security guard for a few nights for some cash so that pretty much wiped out my free time, I did two 15 hour shifts sitting in my car in an old highschool parking lot making sure some kids did not destroy the antiques outside.

I have had some good times with my Aunt Tina and Darrell. We went and saw a l ocal blues man in Fort Wayne, that was good stuff.

Right now I am ripping as much music as I can so I can have some tunes in the islands.

My only two concerns now is the weight of my luggage and the size of my carry on bag, will have to see if I have any drama in regards to that.



Daniel said...

dude, you're coming back to DC before you leave?

Big Country (Leo) said...

yeah, sorry I could not meet up, way to much going on, but hey I will see you in the islanda in a year so no biggie.

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