Sunday, July 02, 2006

Movin on out! Back to the Hoosier Heartland and last days at OFA.

It has been a great 2 years and 7 months at OFA working with all of the student across the nation, being able to see the constant improvement we have had each year in reaching young people effectively through this grant for post-secondary education.

Well cheers to my new life that will be starting with Peace Corps!

I am going to miss everyone at work and all of 500+ students but as a song I know say, "You got keep on movin.".

I will be driving out Monday night to VA beach to see Dave Matthews Band play on the 4th, I am going with Junnaid, its going to be a blast and I am so pumped! Thanks Latrise for hooking us up!

I am finishing my last bit of packing, its fun putting my winter clothes away because I know I am not going to need them for almost 3 years baby! Whoo hoo!

I will driving back to Indiana Thursday to get back for the monster party/family/reunion/late fourth of July party my family throws every year.

Its going to be an interesting trip, I have to fit 3 people, all my stuff and nice pile of suits in a four door Honda Accord.

Let the adventure begin.

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