Monday, July 17, 2006

13 days and counting.

Hello All,

I have had an awesome time relaxing with my family in Indiana. I was very pleased when some of my buddies showed up for the big party at my Aunts. So props to Eric Shammy, Joy, and Nate Dog.

Its been a fiasco with my passport the last few days. The post offices will not do a no fee passport because the US post office released new guidelines that state they no longer have to do it. I have to search for a poduck post office that was not familiar with the changes, and I found one in Auburn Indiana home of the Duisenberg car. Who hoo! It truly was a pain in the ass but I got it done. My application and info should be arriving today. The reason I have been having to work on this at the last minute is because the passport agency says my passport was damaged and they must issue another one. It was a little wrinkled from traveling but that's it. Sometime the government can make like more difficult then necessary.

So enough on that, I am wrapping things up on the home front. Finishing my paper, selling my car, making last minute supply purchases.


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