Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Harrogate with the Laubers

Me and Marcy had a wonderful time visiting the Laubers in lovely Harrogate, England,

Laubers seeing us off!

Slideshow below:

Everything was lovely from the charming Harrogate downtown area, the countryside with the mustard fields of yellow, sheep, low hand stacked stone walls for the fields to the wonderful company of the Lauber family and the sharing of their home.

They have a lovely home with brilliant garden that makes you forget the neighbors and enjoy hearing the birds, just make sure you have life insurance for the stray golf ball :)

Bill thanks for the cells and the great beer and stories, Marisa for your lovely company and hospitality (your house is not to small and the bed was great, and no we could not possibly eat another pancake and I am still finishing this beer :)), Neil I hope you come to America, you will love it, Kira thanks for making breakfast and coming down to see me and Marcy! You are all lovely!

All our best!

Leo and Marcy

1 comment:

Willy BoBo said...

Are you kidding? You are both the best ever guests and welcome back anytime.

We had a great time and wished it was longer.

So hurry back dude!