Thursday, January 17, 2008

Private Barefoot Beach Wedding Locations, Taking Votes Now!

Hello All,

Me and Marcy have scouted our private beach wedding locations. We are torn between two private beach's that are both located in Anse La Verdue. Help us choose by voting for Beach One or for Beach Two. The winner is where we will have the private beach wedding.

Private Barefoot Beach Wedding Option One:

Private Barefoot Beach Wedding Option Two:

Oh and lastly a video of Scrappy, Marcy's Moms dog, he seemed to roll in the sand more on Beach two if your looking for his vote :)


Daniel said...

I think I am with the second beach but you guys are probably the better judge.

From personal experience, whatever your fiancee wants to do, you should probably go with that when it comes to wedding planning.

Nice dog btw.

Anonymous said...

beach 2

Unless the tide was out on beach 2, Beach 1 seemed to have less usable beach, though it did have a better rock formation.

Anonymous said...

White Boy and Gail thinks beach two is the best but we better come down and take a look around

tina from ofa said...

I'm for beach number two as well, because it looks somehow softer and bigger.

Megan Elizabeth said...

2, no question. lots o room for a shin dig after the ceremony right there on the beach!