Friday, January 04, 2008


Hello All

Me and Marcy are engaged, hard as it is to believe she said yes ;)

This is the email I sent to my family trying to decide how to ask her.

"I had a couple of ideas on where but I wanted to hear from you what the feasibility is and if you have any other suggestions.

One idea. Rooftop of the condo (how is the view?), have a little table set up there for two, a champagne chiller filled with ice and two good bottles of the bubbly, as far as lighting I know candles would be to dangerous, any suggestions?

Second idea. Get an old wooden box/looks a bit like a small treasure chest, put it in the bottom of the pool at the shallow end, she had to get it and from that starts a scavenger hunt that would end at the rooftop with the champagne or to another spot on the beach about 50 yards out that has a sign done underwater with rocks or something that says will you marry me? That will work because I have snorkel equipment coming in a few days to Jims and Cass's that I bought online since my fins are shot and Marcy needed some.

Maybe something with the Chief Billy swamp tour again with the gators? Talk to the owner and have him take a baby gator, tie a string with the ring on it to the gators tail and then let it go in the welcome center after our tour. We come in where the baby gator is and he hands Marcy a net and a pair of scissors and tells her there is something on its tail that she may want but she had to catch it first. That would be funny! Then after she catches it I drop the knee and do the proposal."

And here is the feedback from the family.

"Dear Leo,

Some interesting concepts but I do not know how feasible they would be. The roof and the pool sound good the views in both spots are great but you will need the cooperation of the weather for both. Gator does not sound like a good idea although it would be a chuckle.

Here is one that Uncle Bruce and I both vote for, can not say for Cass and Jim. I like the idea of it being in with the regular presents and wrapped box within a box, within a box etc., as a matter of fact we have purchased such a box it stacks six inside and each are decorated. Sue will be there and she has requested that if you ask in front of us that she could watch as well. I guess it would kind of be the proposal that neither Cass, Sue nor I received. Now if you are not sure she will say yes you might not want to ask in front of people of course you may desire privacy as well. What ever you choose remember that this is about love and it is a moment that a women never forgets something she will tell everyone and share with your future children. You do not want to make it a joke, women take this very seriously. If you do it on present day we could all be "in" on it and make sure we are not laying around in our jams, etc., maybe we could get some pix. Anyway it is up to you, I hope you have not given to much away the surprise element is always great."

Thankfully I listened to their advice. We all went up to the roof of condo which looks out over Naples Florida with the everglades stretched out in front us with the gulf of mexico in the horizon. I took her off to side just out of my families view. I told her that their is no one I want to spend the rest of my life with then you, will you marry me baby? She told me to #$%# off laughing and began to walk off, I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me and she said, "Of course baby, I love you!"

We came back to my family and popped a bottle of Perrier-Jouet.

Here is a video immediately after Marcy said yes to marrying me, my family chipped in together purchasing a custom set of Perrier-Jouet Champagne where the bottle has been hand painted along with the classes. It was incredibly special. Thank you to my family for making this all possible.

The wedding ring was the same one my grandfather gave to my late grandmother and it is beautiful. I also was able to get a set of diamond earrings for her thanks to a friend of the family. Thanks MIKE!

Here is my beautiful bride to be.

Shooting pool in the Condos entertainment room.

Family Pictures
Aunt Tina

Uncle Jim and Marcy

So will be talking about what date to set the wedding, all friends and family its time to start that quarter jar to fly down for it!

Love and Peace to you all!


Anonymous said...

blah blah blah blah... wait... LEE IS GETTING MARRIED!!!?!!?!?! WHAT???

SUP big dog! Can't believe you are taking the plunge. I'm happy for you. Nice to knwo that someone can keep up/put up/deal/enjoy/interested in you! you were the last bastion of hope for the single man, and *sniff* it's coming down. /cry

Seriously though, congratulations. Marriage is one of those things that is so awesome and so consuming at the same time. I'm happy to hear you found someone who makes you happy enough to spend the rest of your life with.


Chris said...

Congratulations buddy! Your family couldn't be more proud of you and now you may be starting your own....

Well done


rochie said...

Congratulations to a wonderful couple. Let love continue 2 be the center of your relationship.