Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Old Church Doors Repaired, Canabelle Soap can move in!

(Marcy and Mama)

Hello All,

The Old Church has been secured (for background on the old church search for "Old Church" in the blog search bar in the left corner) an amazing amount of work went into it from Community Club, the 7th Day Adventist, Peace Corps, Sunbuilt, and the Catholic Church.

The Double Doors one both sides were rebuilt with all new wood for the bottom half. The main double door to the square has been secured rebuilding the bottom panels with new and old wood strengthening the frame. The exterior single doors have been repaired and new lock has been purchased. The building has electricity and lighting now.

Double Door Facing the Sea before and after:

Double Door Facing the Village before and after: (notice the bright shiny new lock)

Main Double Door Facing the Village Square before and after:

(above) Painting the Stage with the young men.

Side Door Facing Village before and after:

With the Old Church secured Canabelle will be able to move in to being producing larger quantities of soap and we can pursue licensing through the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards for export.

PS thanks Bonnie and Connie for the donations you made directly to Canabelle Soap, we now have the heavy duty printer its awesome and the backup external hardrive, and of course a brand new heavy duty blender, your AWESOME!

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