Friday, June 15, 2007

Old Church Development: Pictures and Measurments.

Progress is progress.

Last weekend I went with Erickson to assist him in measuring the old church. He is an architect who is on the Community Club and I am very thankful for him. The estimate he is doing for us for free would normally cost $2000-$5000 EC. Yet he donates his time and expertise to help the community. Props to him.

It was strange having to break back into the old church, we had to board it up with nails and chunks of wood a month ago in an attempt to keep street bums and drunks out. We had to break back in and open up the building so we could shoot pictures and take measurements. I can tell you first hand it was easier to break back in then to re-secure the building. Erickson will be putting together an estimate for the churches repair in the next month so we can begin going to other community groups to get commitments on their contributions to the rebuilding. The plan is to get as many community groups and organization involved in this project so that when we apply to large funding agencies they will be able to see that it is clearly a community project. Not just a few citizens wanting the renovations.

Funding agencies are especially keen on this these days because they know unless a project has broad based community support it can fail and funds can be misappropriated.

So enough on that here are some more pictures of the building. When the proposal is close to finished with an actual budget I will post it.

Front of the church

Side of the Church with Erickson measuring.

Side of the church, shot of one of the main doors that needs to repaired.

Inside of the Church from the upstairs balcony.

A shot of the second set of main doors.

A dedication plaque to the old priest who worked in Canaries

A shot from the bottom floor of the upstairs balcony where Cannabelle will work. We are currently working with the Archdicoses to allow them to use the upstairs for 10 years rent free since we are pursueing funding to renovate the old church.

Last shot showing Erickson working on sketchs for the renovation.

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