Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Good Life

I feel that I have not bragged enough about the good life here in St. Lucia. So I am going to dedicate this post to posting some of my favorite pictures of me having a blast here in Paradise to hopefully make all of you drool who have been thinking about visiting me. I am here for another year or so, so time is running out to take advantage of free accommodations, your own personal tour guide and resident expert (me). Salop!

Me on the Mystic Man a single mast sail boat cruising past my village of Canaries. Yes I am feeling very much on top of the world in that picture.

Me with my Aunties Cass and Tina and my buddy Nick and Marcy plus Jerome a buddy PCV from Dominica Island where the reality show Pirate Master is being filmed now.

This picture is for you Joe, that is me enjoying an amazing burger in View Fort at one of the resorts. A moment of silence please, to the Africa volunteers who are eating grubs and goat head God bless you.

I am having more fun then the kids in this picture.

Hiking with Tina and Marcy at the Saltibus waterfall, it was breathtaking and the rain forest was green and beautiful.

Hiking Gros Piton

Me and Uncle Jim at the Micoud Waterfall

A great shot of Tina and Cass having fun at the Mineral Springs

Another one of small waterfalls with Uncle Bruce and Tina.

Well these pics really only scrape the tip of the ice burg when it comes to the experience I am having here.


Bill said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures. Just got off the phone with Jim and Cass, what a time they had.

And that last picture of Marcy in front of the sunset..... Photo Journalistic quality my friend.

Well done, Thanks


Big Country (Leo) said...

Thanks BoBo. It was great having all the family down, Cass and Jim are nested in the new Condo now.

Laura Adkins said...

Dear Lee, WOW! You are living the dream I had 30 years ago! You look really happy and are doing great works. It is icing on the cake that you are in such an incredibly beautiful place. I'm envious, but SO happy for you!