Saturday, June 16, 2007

Making Lasagna your mother would be proud of in St. Lucia

Lasagna Recipe is below my bragging, just scroll down to skip the obnoxiousness.

Its a tough life serving my country faithfully in the gorgeous tropical honeymoon island of St. Lucia in the West Indies. But, have no fear my fellow Americans and taxpayers. Have faith in me, I will survive somehow..... two coping mechanisms that help me get through the day (besides sandy beaches, palm trees, fresh tuna steaks, tasty libations, aqua blue Caribbean Ocean, all the mango's and pineapples I can eat) are Macy my love and Lasagna. All together in one beautiful picture. Pray for me, pray for me please :)

So enough bragging, I am going to post some pictures of the lasagna making process including the recipe using the limited selection of grocery store items available.

First let me point out that a pan of lasagna give you 8 servings, as in my size serving. Secondly your main cost is the Hot Italian Sausage and Cream Cheese both of which you only use a small quantity leaving you enough for another entire Lasagna meal. Total cost is 60.25 EC HOWEVER the next time you make it it will ONLY cost you 33.80EC because you will still have 3 sausage left and 3/4 a container of cream cheese left. Your looking at a cost of 5EC per slice of Lasagna and the best part is Lasagna tastes even better after its been refrigerated and warmed up again.

Costs and ingredients

Box of Lasagna noodles 5EC
Package of Hot Italian Sausage 18.99, package of 5 you only use 2 of them . 18EC
(Found at the Castries or View Fort Super J only)
One roll of Ground Turkey Sausage 5EC
Can of Spaghetti Sauce 5.25EC
Block of Cheddar Cheese 10EC
One Garlic Clove .50EC
One Big onion or two small 2.50EC
Small Bunch of Basil and Rosemary Oregano 4EC
(fresh from the market
1 plain Yogurt 2.50EC
(Castries or Viewfort Super J only)
Cream Cheese (Philadelphia) use a quarter stick 7.99EC

Directions Below:

1. First thaw out your ground turkey and two sausages in a container of water.
2. Dice your onions, garlic and herbs.
3. Shred your 10EC block of cheese.
4. Slice up the sausage
5. Add your onions, garlic and herbs, ground turkey and sausage together with Spaghetti sauce and simmer until sausage is cooked thoroughly.
6. Boil a large pan of water adding a bit of oil to keep lasagna noodles from sticking.
7. Add your Noodles to the water and cook for 10 min or until tender.
8. Make your own perfect cheese sauce. Take a small saucepan and add all of your cheese sauce ingredients at once. Small can of evaporated milk (you can use a quarter cup or regular milk but it will make the cheese sauce thin and watery)one small yogurt, a quarter stick of cream cheese and half of the cheese you shredded.
9. Cook on LOW HEAT until all ingredients are dissolved together into a cheese sauce. Immediately turn of the heat and remove the pan to cool or the cheese and yogurt will separate. If the sauce is thin you used regular milk/you used to much milk, cook longer on low heat until it thickens. Be careful though, it could start to separate.
10. Oil your lasagna pan to keep the noodles from sticking/burning, making sure your pan is minimum of 3 inches deep on the sides so you can stack at least 4 layers. (you can use Pyrex glass containers also)
Drain your noodles, and make your first layer of noodles on the bottom. Try to make the layers only one noodle layer thick.
11. Spoon in your meat sauce in on your first layer of noodles and then cover with another layer of noodles, spoon in your cheese sauce on this layer and then sprinkle a bit of the shredded cheese on top for extra gooey cheesy goodness. Repeat steps until your on your final later of noodles, poor remaining meat sauce, then cover meat sauce with remaining cheese sauce and then cover with a final generous topping of the shredded cheese. (if you run out shredded cheese feel free to shred some more)

This is a shot of the final layer, feel free to use a lot more cheese.

St. Lucia stoves have no temperature gauge and range widely in temp. You need to check your lasagna every 6 minutes. When you see the cheese on top is light brown pull it. If you like your first layer a bit crispy let it stay until it all a light brown. It takes about 10-12 min on my stove for no crispy, about 4 more minutes makes it crispy. Let it cool for 15 min and serve with bread. (ps bread is great, helps you keep down to one serving to save costs and its great to sop up the sauce)


Please leave a post after you make me and Marcies lasagna recipe!



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Wow, Lee, where are all the pics of you working hard?!

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Any more pic's of the girl eating?
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