Friday, July 18, 2008

Peace Corps Close of Service EC 76

Here is quick entry showing a few clips and pictures from our COS for the Eastern Caribbean EC 76 group.

It was a great conference, seeing old friends, meeting our new EC Country Director. PS Helen you did a great job with the conference.

For me it is easy to feel good about my COS with so many great projects being successful. But let us be honest, I came into a village that was ready to move forward with some highly capable and motivated community partners. No, I believe success should be measured mostly with your personal development and the relationships you have built with what was a completely alien culture that has become your own.

Pretty Rough Video of the Saint Lucia group singing the Saint Lucia National Anthem, as you can see I did not know the lyrics, shame on me. I was singing watermelon, watermelon. It also includes a partial video of us giving away awards.

Bloody Bunnies Skit:

Shaving Skit:

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