Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quick Update after Hurricane Dean

Here are a few pictures and a video clip showing the aftermath of Dean.

St. Lucia was not affected to much, suffering mostly from the storm surge and high winds. The Hurrican passed between St. Lucia and Martinque. I can tell you with certainty it would have been an absolute disaster if it had hit, with some of the houses being made by tin roofs and plywood houses.

I stayed in Souf at Megan Hawks and the other volunteers since her house was selected as a safe house. It was fine, we lost power for a while and the winds were fairly strong during the hurricane. Souf really was not effected, maybe because it has the Pitons. Most of the damage was on the beach from the storm surge, it tore of some signs and tore some of the wood off the Jetti.

Cannaries suffered more, 3 houses lost their roofs including the libarian.

Marcy parents area had some damage two with a little wood house being crushed by a fallen breadfruit tree. One of the only know casulities was an old man trying to safe his cow in the river. He was swept away but I believe the cow was okay.

Here is the Canaries Jetti, the rest of the wood was popped off and the support beam towards the end is gone making it a very short landing area now.


Joe said...

wow, glad you were spared. Good to hear things weren't as bad as they seemed. MSNBC said St. Lucia got demolished.

Ryan said...

Glad it mostly missed you guys. Joe and I were thinking about you and your friends there... Hope it's the last of the year!

-Ryan in TX