Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gift and Craft Display Booth Sample Using Google Sketch Up

Hello All,

And work continues with the Canaries Old Church Development proposal. One of the ideas I have had difficulty bringing across is having 6 Display booths for the crafts and making them portable so that the building can be used for dual uses. Here is a concept drawing I have done to try to communicate it. I used a great program called Google Sketch Up a free program. Its an intuitive CAD program that anyone can learn, just do the tutorial when you download it and check the demo video section when you get stuck. I only was stuck for a little while with the move tool but I figured it out. Anyway use this program for designing your dream home to concept drawing of an invention idea or display booth like I did.


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Nick said...

Hey Leo,

I love google Sketch-up! Anyway, thanks for the post on our blog and glad you’re enjoying an American perspective on the land of the Brits! Looks like you are up to some really cool stuff too, and what a location!! As far as your GF’s attempts to entice to you England…you’re right I think travel and the great exchange rate (hence more travel) are the two big selling points here. I don’t think either of us have felt like there is any pro-native bias in our companies, and we work at both a small and very large company. I would say work is very rewarding, and the work-life balance (a term you NEVER hear in the US) is a real priority. I work hard, but only need to be in 37.5 hours a week and get 22 days holiday, plus about 8 public days. We do plan to go back to the US eventually, and we are not looking forward to work owning all but maybe 10 days of your life there =(.

Financially, you’re right the cost of living here is just so high…it has really made us appreciate how cheap the US is. It costs about 140,000 pounds for a basic house outside of London, and when we think about what that would get us in the US it is staggering. From our experience, this has been a great chance to travel, with more time off and proximity to so much, but it remains a very expensive place to try to live.

Good luck with your work there and your post-Peace Corps plans!

-Yanks in the UK