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US Navy Service Project: Securing the Old Church

I just received word that my proposal was accepted for the US Navy service project.

The US Navy service men and women like to do service projects when they make port in different countries. They offer labor $400 US towards materials for the project. One of the first steps that needs to be taken for the old church is to secure the building. Street drunks continue to break in and any valuables inside will be vandalized. With a new coat of paint and a secure building Canabelle would be able to begin using the building and work towards receiving licensing from the St. Lucia Bureau of standards. The Navy will be here between August 20-24Th so were excited about this. This will go and long way towards securing funding for a complete renovation with the building be partially used. Below is the proposal for your review.

Cannabelle Soap and Canaries Church Proposal for the Navy
Developed by Canaries Community Club the Canaries Parish Council, Father Goodman and the Canaries Peace Corps Volunteer Lee Klejnot
June 27th, 2007

1.1 Introduction
The Cannabelle Soap and Canaries Church Proposal for the Navy is about securing the old church. It is also about securing the heart of Canaries. It is about taking a big step forward in ending the highest unemployment rate on the island. Securing the old church will provide infrastructure improvements to the village that will increase income and provide employment and strengthen the community and its groups as a whole. With its repair the building will be secure and fully usable for the following economic and social benefits:
• Canaries Tourist Craft and Gift Market
• A permanent structure for Cannabelle Soap; a Canaries cottage industry that primarily provides employment for 8-10 single mothers.
• A community center area in a village where there is a severe lack of land building space.
• An income generating center providing a venue for local crafts and art made in Canaries and the greater island.
• A venue for evening activities for the village.
• The expansion of tourism in Canaries

1.2 Background to the Project
A. The community of Canaries has long been in need of a community center area for large meetings and activities. With the limited space available above the village clerk’s office it has been difficult for community groups to have large meetings or functions. This area is also not accessible for disabled and difficult for older citizens to enter.

B. Cannabelle Soap Cooperative a Canaries local cottage industry that provides employment for 10 women who are part of the St. Lucia’s Rural Women’s Development group has not been able to expand or gain licensing because their work area is confined to the upstairs community center. They are limited, having a 5x8 closet to store all of their equipment, supplies and products. The old church has long been seen as a way to deal with these problems. Canaries is the only village in St. Lucia to have the distinction of having two Catholic church’s. When the new Catholic Church was built the old church was used as a paint factory, a Disney memorabilia factory and also a movie theatre. For the last ten years the church has been boarded up without being used providing no benefit the community or the Church. Recently it has been opened again through the efforts of the local church, Father Goodman and the St. Lucia Archdiocese and Canaries Community Club. It is now used in a limited way for meetings and other small activities. The buildings current uses are very limited because it cannot be secured and is need of renovation. It is the desire of Canaries Community Club and the Canaries Parish Council and Father Goodman to use the building again in an effective way to help the village particularly in income generating activities to alleviate unemployment and poverty.

These partnerships to develop the building have come together through the hard work of the Canaries Community Club, The Parish Council, and Father Goodman.

The property would remain the property of the Catholic Church with the following agreements reached. Cannabelle Soap or another community project would have sole use of the second floor for 10 years in order to establish that cottage industry and build up capitol. Community Club or in case of its dispersion the next community development group will be able to use the building free of charge for meetings and large activities for the next 7 years.

2. Project Objectives
The old church is an incredibly large building providing a regulation gym size amount of usable space that also includes an upper floor. The renovation plan would allow the building to be used for multiple uses maximizing its return to Canaries.

2.1 Objective 1 Craft and Gift Market
The first objective of the building is to provide income and employment for Canaries and to expand on the growing tourism industry from Canaries Creole Pot and the waterfall tours. After the church is secured it will be utilized as a large Craft and Gift market during the day. This would be managed by the Canaries Community Club and the forming Canaries Foundation. That revenue would in turn be used to fund other development projects in Canaries. A monthly rental fee would be paid to the Catholic Church for the daytime Crafts and Gift Market to support the parish specifically in youth group activities and costs for maintaining the parish. The tourist market exists and will be taken advantage of thought the following ways. Sea traffic of passing Catamarans and boats will be advertised to using the large rood of the old church which can be seen clearly and easily from sea. It will be used as large billboard to advertise the Canaries Craft and Gift market through the painting of large white letters stating this on the roof. The heavy tourist traffic heading North and South to Castries and Soufriere will be captured through two large signs facing each direction advertising the market. It is important to note that no other large craft market or venue exits in large secure building except in Castries. Tour operators and tourists will be more comfortable with Canaries Gift and Craft Markey in the beautiful histories church building and it will also allow them the opportunities to explore the rest of the village. The Craft Market would also be open specifically on Creole Pot Street Party Nights to provide tourists and visitors the venue to purchase crafts and goods. With the large amount of space available 6-7 wheeled booths and displays would be maintained selling craft items and gifts such as.
• Cannabelle soap products (possible exhibit on the soap making process/demonstration)
• Canaries local carvings and other island carvers
• Paintings and art
• St. Lucia produced crafts
• Spices and Gifts bags
• Brewery and Distillery products and memorabilia
• Canaries and island t-shirts, bags, and jewelry
• Local choice fruits and produce
• Sale of local made Pastries, Springs Bread and Spiced Rum
• Cold non-alcoholic refreshments and ice cream

Work has already been done with Choiseul one of the islands main craft and art production centers in pricing and securing most of local made products and crafts produced outside of Canaries. When there are events in the evening requiring the building the carts and displays would be wheeled to the back of the building and secured behind a 10ft security fence and security gate to maintain maximum functionality.

2.2 Objective 2 Facilities for Cannabelle Soap
Providing a permanent facility for Cannabelle Soap so they can expand and receive national licensing is the next objective. Cannabelle soap is local Co-op that produces natural soap products made from cinnamon, aloe, oatmeal just to give a few examples. Cannabelles product is already featured in almost every craft and gift shop on the island. Its production is limited because of their lack of a facility. In order to receive national licensing they must have their own facilities. Cannabelle has long been looking for a facility and has tried to purchase land but with the limited amount of land and space available in Canaries that has not proved feasible in economical way. With the restoration and renovations Cannabelle would have full use of the upstairs level for 10 years in order to expand this cottage industry. In the event that Cannabelle disperses the area would be used for another cottage industry or for specific training in areas for IT related classes and skills.

2.3 Objective 3 Community Use Area
The third objective is to provide a community area for village meetings, large community activities, trainings, workshops, presentations, and receptions. The old church would fulfill this need perfectly.

2.4 Objective 4 Venue for Night Activities
With the multi use design capabilities of the church it can provide a venue for weekly activities for all residents including youth, and older citizens through income generating activities like:
Movie Nights
Bingo Night
Senior Citizen Exercise Class
Dance Classes
The events would be run by a community group or individual with rental income going to the church.

2.5 Objective 5 Expansion of the Tourism Market for Canaries
Currently Canaries receives most of its tourists through the Creole Pot Street Party, the Waterfall Tours and visiting family members. A tourist attraction needs to be developed to attract visitors and provide them a venue and starting point to explore the village.

The market would fit well with the biweekly street party providing a venue in the evening for Crafts and Gifts to be sold. It would provide a stopping point for the Canaries Waterfall Tours and Guest house visitors. It would be a venue for Cannabelle Soap to be able to demonstrate how the soap products are made and a selling and distribution point. It would also attract some of the heavy traffic of tourists traveling North and South to Castries and Soufriere.

3. Project Budget

The following budget has been written below by Erickson Jules an Architect and Building Contractor who serves on the Board of the Canaries Village Council and Community Club. Community Club will provide $1784EC of the proposed budget with the Navy providing the additional funding of $400US which equals $1072EC. That would cover the cost of the entire budget.



1.0 Allow for making good to existing matchboards doors and windows. Sum 1.0 650.00 650.00 650.00

2.0 Supply and fix single leaf metal panel door 3'-0" x 6'-8" high nr 2.0 350.00 700.00 700.00

Ironmongerv - fix onlv the following ironmongerv with screws to doors and windows

3.0 Allow for Supplying of 8" heavy duty stainless steel barrel bolt with 12mm diameter bolt to framed ledged and braced doors and windows nr 18.0 22.00 396.00 396.00

4.0 Allow for Supplying of heavy duty hinge to framed ledged and braced doors nr 24.0 40.00 960.00 960.00

5.0 Allow for supplying locks to framed ledged and braced doors nr 2.0 75.00 150.00 150.00

CARPENTRY & JOINERY TO SUMMARY $2,856.00 $2,856.00

It was mentioned that the Navy may be able to gather other materials for the project if given enough notice. If possible 3-10 gallons of paint in a neutral color and 2-3 wide paint brushes would be wonderful or if that is not possible then some plywood and 5-6 2x4 or 2x2 pieces of wood for additional reinforcements at whatever length is available.

4. Project Work Plan

Work Plan
Task List Time Frame (hrs) # Volunteers
Moving the Cannabelle storage shed 1.00 4
Installing the Cannabelle storage shed 1.50
Repairing the first floor stairwell landing 2.00 2
Repairing and reinforcing 8 windows wooden shutters 3.00 3
Repairing and reinforcing 4 main wooden double sided doors 2.00 4
Repairing and reinforcing 2 side doors 1.00 2
Installing lock bolts on all windows 2.00 4
Installing hinges and locks on 4 main doors and 2 side doors 2.00 4
Deep cleaning of church 2.00 6
Totals 16.50 29.00
We will have the option of painting for other volunteers in case of a larger turnout.
All Estimates Completed by Erickson Jules a Licensed Architect and Building Contractor

5. Project Monitoring and Work Plan
When giving funds for development work the question of accountability and implementation must always be addressed.

The Canaries Community Club has a track record of managing financial resources. Examples includes the Poverty Reduction Funding Grant that required reporting balance sheets to this funding agency other progress reports. Canaries Community Club has also managed the proposal and funding for the Cricket World Cup activities through a Local Action Team that consisted of Community Clubs and other community groups under the body of intuitional strengthening. Canaries received over $36,000 to this effort. This funding allotment was higher then both the Anse Le Raye budget of $17,000 and the Soufriere allocation of $27,000. The $36,000 fell well short of the proposal $65,000 dollar budget but through good management and participation of members all activities were successfully completed greatly assisting the community leaving many legacy activities behind. These activities included a Riverside Launching, Canaries Seafest, Cricketorama, and the Talent Show for the community. It is also important to note that the Chairman of Community Club is Edsel Edmund who is head accountant for First Caribbean Bank. With all of this cumulative experience, expertise and community participation the accounting will be accurate and the implementation of this project will be successful and well planned.

A final project report will be submitted after the work day.

5. Conclusion
Canaries is developing this critical economic and social activity center to stimulate the community. Please support the rehabilitation of Canaries village. This will provide the leverage needed to promote Canaries on the mental and social map of Saint Lucia to continue to improve the life of its residents.

We thank you for considering our proposal and look forward to working with you to develop OUR beautiful village together.

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