Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Carnival Season Has Arrived!

Me and Marcy headed to Soufriere for their Carnival, it was more of a warm up for the big one in Castries and Viewfort.

The Carnival party train went around the village of Souf, they had themed groups, the best one to be on is the Bounty or Distillery because you receive free beverages and shirts.

Here is a picture of the "School Party" group where a bunch of uys dressed in school girls uniforms. Some were even pregnant which is unfortunatily not to far from the truth.

I like this shot which demonstrates the St. Lucia entrepenurial spirit is alive and strong, this guy is following the Carnival Train with a cooler full of beers in a wheelbarrow. I like it.

It was good time, looking forward to the big ones.

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