Sunday, May 13, 2007

Close up of ear infection for

Here is a close up of the ear infection. Still trying to determine if its ear mites or an ear infection or something else. With limited funds and no access to a vet my options for diagnosis are restricted to other rabbit breeders experience. Please let me know what you think and suggested treatment.

So far one person has indicated that it is and ear infection requiring the antibiotic Pen-G and Bipen. I am leaning towards ear mites, I have found a recommendation from this lady to use baby oil or mineral oil to kill the mites.

I would like to hear a few more breeders opinions.

Thanks everyone,


Anonymous said...

My two male rex rabbits have this same ear problem. I'm a teen with no job and I don't have enough money to pay for a vet to determine what the problem is and how to treat it. I also don't want to ask my parents to take them to the vet because they are always talking about how "spread thin" we are. I've been using Athlete's foot cream in the ears, and it helps, but never gets rid of the problem.
One has had it for over a year and the other got it just recently.

Anonymous said...

It's ear mites.

Anonymous said...

My rabbit's ear looks exactly like that and there are no vets around here that treat anything besides dogs, cats, and farm animals. Thanks for the link. I know it has to be painful and feel so sorry for her. Kallie