Sunday, May 13, 2007

Canaries Creole Pot Massive Mashup!

Jamaica Triumphant by Island Man, Canaries Creole Pot

This Saturday was a massive mashup with some of the St. Lucias most talented performing. Island Man was very impressive as you can see in the video above. He has an amazing voice and I believe the best Rasta sound I have heard yet on the island. We also had Ninja Dan performing again, he rocked the place of course having a great time with the crowd.

We did have some disappointment though, BET from England had expressed interest in coming down and filming the Creole Pot. That would have been massive publicity for us but they never showed. We went through considerable effort and extra expense to bring in the extra performers. Life moves on though and we will get the publicity eventually and of course BET will be back next year for the Jazz so we will try again. Speaking of Jazz St. Lucia rocks, we had George Benson, Issac Hayes and few other legend's performing up at Pigeon Island. Wow!

Creole Pot is making progress in securing funding to take the Creole Pot to the next level through sponsorship to bring in talented artists like Island Man and Ninja Dan and to make infrastructure improvements. But enough of that, here are the rest of the video clips of the night:

Ninja Dan at Creole Pot working with the one of the locals. The guy is supposed to sing "Outside Man" with Ninja Dan but he had to much Bounty he could only say Zay Poo Zay Bouduen Poo Bouduen.

Part 2 with the Crowd yelling it back.

Ninja Dan and his kids dancing to Laboo'way song.

And finally a British tourist on stage having a good time, parental discretion is advised :)


cmgilliam said...

thats pretty sweet... I'm glad your doing well.

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