Friday, March 02, 2007

Figures, Costs, Demension and Info on Rabbit Hutch

Okay continued progress is being made on the rabbit hutch project. But first some quick info on dimensions and material costs.

The cage is 10"x2"x28" (PS thats HUGE)
It has 5 seperate cages.
It was designed by Michael Ward the Soufriere PCV.
It was built be the students of the Soufriere Enrichement Centre with hthe instructions and supervison of Michael.

Material Used and Costs given in EC$
2 4x8 3/8 Pressure treated plywood 145.71
5 2x4 x12 Pressure Treated 151.60
1lb of Headless 2"nails 4.95
2lb of 3" nails 7.50
1lb of galvanized nails for roof 3.99
Tin Snips for cutting tin metal for roof 9.99
10ft of wire mesh, sides of cage and cage seperators 50.00
2yrds 1/2 wire mesh for bottom of cage 45.50 (baby rats cut feet on bigger wire)
5 brass hinges, for doors 14.75
30 1'Drywall screws, for hinges and clasps 3.00
5 clasps, to lock cages 11.25
1 bottle of wood glue 15.95
(labor was donated my Michael and Souf youth)
(galvanized sheet metal for roof was donated)
Total Cost $464.19

Thanks again for the fantastic workmanship and time from Michael and the young people of Soufriere who helped make this project possible.

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