Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dinner with Ambassador Ourisman.

Here are some pictures of the lovely dinner we had with Ambassador Ourisman. It was a extremely lovely evening.

Ambassador Ourisman

Surf and Turf



Cheers baby!


FIF said...

"Feel the power of the PHANTOM MULLET,
Tremble and cower from the PHANTOM MULLET,
White metal burn of the PHANTOM MULLET,
Combed straight or permed it THE PHANTOM MULLET,
And you, cutting it short on top,
I want that for me.
Growing it long in the back,
So savage and so free.
Drop into first you're taking it slow,
You're such a rock-star,
You could never know.
I wish I was singing, "oh, oh, oh", All night long."

Big Country (Leo) said...

Are you suggesting that it is a confirmed mullet sighting on my head??? Say it aint so FIF say it aint so, that is a very SERIOUS alligation. I am going to have to consult other parties and possibly take drastic steps. Over and out!

Anonymous said...

Nice watch. Where did you get it?